Amazing Kids! Magazine

March 2014: Issue #77 – Food for Thought

Hi Amazing Kids!


Although February may have been quite a short month, since when was quantity more important than quality? I hope your month has been as exciting as mine! From Valentine’s Day to President’s Weekend, even this short month isn’t short of fun holidays. Where I live, schools were off for a week, giving me time to stay at home with my family and relax for some time.

My family has always loved making food for family gatherings. In fact, in my culture, food plays a greater role in greeting new people than words (at times!) Luckily, during my holiday, I was constantly surrounded by throngs of people carrying around plates of great food. Nevertheless, amidst those chips, candy, and cookies everyone loves to receive from secret admirers and friends, the holidays are not an excuse not to appreciate the finer art of dining.

It may seem shocking to some, but food is indeed an art. It may provide sustenance to our growth and function, but food is also highly aesthetic. Some cuisines, such as Japanese and French, highly value the aesthetic value of food, heightening it to the level of “haute cuisine.” No, this doesn’t mean the food is hot! Haute cuisine refers to high class dining, or basically the type of food served in super fancy restaurants with soft chandeliers and fancy clothes!

Speaking of fine dining, you should definitely check out “Parisian Delights,” in Global Village. Cathy reported to us on what makes French food so special – who knows, maybe those snails aren’t so bad after all! Also, our assistant editor Ryan wrote a great piece called “Celebrating with Food,” which gives a wide variety of different traditions and customs from around the world. In the meantime, Remmi’s got cooking again with some awesome recipes including orange salad, fruity strawberry kabobs, and paella – yum!

Finally, don’t forget to enter our writing contest! The deadline for submissions is March 31, so get those fingers typing and those ideas flowing! Age categories will be 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17. The winning stories in each age group will win a $25 gift card! Submit your best stories less than 1500 words by email to! Make sure to attach it either in the email or with a .pdf or .doc and title it with your story’s title as well as your name. Additionally, please include your full name, age, and city/state/country of origin. Each writer is allowed up to three submissions. Remember, keep it kid-friendly!

Tell all of your friends, family, and classmates about this great opportunity! Remember, the top pieces will be selected for publication in the magazine, as well. If you want a chance for fame and fortune, come on and enter our contest!

As always, keep writing!


Sharon Lin