Amazing Kids! Magazine

February Issue 2017: Issue #106 – Acts of Kindness!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


It’s these cold months when we’re most thankful for the warmth of kindness. As silent snowflakes pirouette across the azure sky, we count the small miracles in our own lives. This issue, we slow down and take time to cherish life’s blessings through our February theme, “Acts of Kindness.” I hope the articles featured this month will evoke within you a sense of joy and gratitude, as they did for me. In the Nonfiction Stories column, you’ll enjoy “Grandma’s Grand Party,” a piece that exemplifies the impact of family guidance across generations. Also highlighted here is “A Twist to a Birthday,” a heartfelt story about appreciating loved ones’ compassion. You can find more inspiration through interviews that encourage you to lift others higher: Both Alexandra Chang, our Amazing Kid! of the Month, and Michael Swaine, our Amazing Mentor!, share what it takes to make a change. Once you’re moved to weave the theme of kindness into your own writing, be sure to check out “And the Moral of the Story Is…” in our Writer’s Tips column. This article will teach you how to translate the passion in your heart to a message on the page: Ultimately, that translation is what it means to be a writer.

I am excited to embrace that translation in my new position as Editor-in-Chief. From the moment I made my first submission to Amazing Kids! Magazine in 2010, I found our mission special, and I continue to count my experience here as one of my greatest blessings. I would like to thank Ryan Traynor for the hard work he has put forth as Editor-in-Chief over the last two years. Through his passion for helping others reach their dreams, he has enabled the magazine to realize its mission. His leadership is an inspiration, and I look forward to learning more from him as he takes on the role of Editorial Advisor.

It is my hope that you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together! The highlight this month is the publication of winning entries from our Money Smarts Contest. I was impressed with the high quality of submissions we received, and I congratulate all our writers on the unique stories you shared with us. Please check out our Money Smarts column to read our favorites! I found a particularly important message in “Half-Dollar,” a piece that illustrates the value of patience, and I’m sure you, too, will connect with a lesson that speaks to you. Thank you to our contest sponsors for giving us this opportunity to motivate kids to write! Because of the generosity of Thinkfun and Footbubbles, we were able to offer a Solitaire Chess game and Messi Footbubbles as prizes. I also thank the Traynor family for contributing gift cards as prizes for writers outside of the United States. Finally, thank you to our judges for sharing your time to coordinate this contest. I appreciate the fantastic work Ryan, Victoria, Salma, and Sophie did to put genuine, moving stories into the hands and hearts of our readers.

If you’ve written a story of your own, I invite you to submit it to our editing team. We’d love to consider your piece for publication! In future issues, we will feature the themes Electronics in Action, Simple Pleasures, and Color My World. However, writing of any topic that leaves an indelible impression will pique our interest. Please read the requirements in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab and then send us your best work. You can reach me at

If you are interested in guiding young authors through the writing process, I hope you’ll think about becoming part of our team. We are currently looking for editors to facilitate the publication of articles in our Global Village and Amazing Kids! Adventures columns. Collaborating with others to reach a common goal is an enriching experience, and I encourage you to use your talents to help people develop their own. Feel free to contact me at to let me know which aspects of writing you are most passionate about. We’ll try to find the position that will offer you the best opportunity to grow.

Remember, your writing matters. Our words—and our lives—are gifts to those around us. We each have the chance to invest our hearts in the world and to speak from our souls: It is my faith that, by taking that chance, we will begin to truly live.

Dream big!

Allison Stein