Amazing Kids! Magazine

February Issue 2018: Issue #116 – Paying It Forward

Hi, Amazing Kids!

As the snowflakes settle on frozen blades of grass, we are reminded of the importance of warmth, of the intrinsic kindness shared with family and friends. This month, we recognize the joy of helping others and inspiring love through our February theme, Paying It Forward. The articles collected within this issue attempt to question one’s contributions to society, as well as to answer the call to extend outreach toward fellow citizens of the globe. I hope you are moved by the inspirational messages of the Poetry column, as in our feature by a young author, “Love the World.” I also recommend reading “Treeville,” a selection from the Fiction Stories column, to enjoy a creative piece about developing friendship from difficult times. In Nonfiction Stories, be sure to check out “People Watching” and “On Opening Doors for Others,” articles which illustrate the values of empathy and hope. Finally, “Ode to the World” from Writer’s Tips provides valuable insight for capturing appreciation on the page. Happy New Year to each and every one of our readers as we embark on yet another year’s journey of kindness…

Congratulations to Fatima Faisal for an outstanding submission of winter photography! Fatima has developed an intricate and immersive piece. Thank you for sharing your impressions of the holiday season with youth around the world.

I would like to recognize our talented student staff members for their continued commitment to this magazine and its mission. New to the team is Daniela Santos, a dedicated author and artist whose submissions have been published in several editions of Amazing Kids! Magazine. We also welcome Ashley Lin, our former Adult Spotlight Interviewer, as she resumes her purposeful work for the column in addition to managing the poetry section. Finally, we look forward to Aryaman Sheth’s contributions as our new Fiction Editor and thank previous editor, Sophia Vahanvaty, for sharing her vision during her time with the magazine. Best wishes to all writers in their ambitions to help inspire others!

As always, I encourage you to contact me at to submit your writing for potential publication. Our themes for upcoming issues include the following: Sky’s the Limit, Words That Change the World, Express Yourself, and Working Together. To access our submission guidelines and ensure your work is appropriate for our readership, please review contributor requirements in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are passionate about mentoring younger writers, perhaps a position on our student staff team would complement your goals. To apply for a monthly writing or editing role, please reach out to me at Once you let me know your interests and experiences, I will work with you to determine which opportunities within our publication will allow you to grow. I appreciate your consideration!

Remember, kindness is a reflection of our most genuine selves. To pay it forward means to help another with the hope of inspiring larger human empathy, for true compassion cannot be a single act but an entire chain reaction. It is my faith that your kindness will be a light to many…

Dream big!

Allison Stein