Amazing Kids! Magazine

February Issue 2019: Issue #126 – Building Bridges

Hi Amazing Kids!


This month’s theme is Building Bridges, which could have two meanings: about constructing literal bridges or metaphorically creating bridges with those around you.  Our Amazing Kids editors found unique ways to incorporate building bridges in their own lives.  For example, Word Booster Editor Sophie Nadel uses terms that relate to co-dependence and relationships.  Our AKOM this month, Saanya Bhargava, shares her story of connecting youth activists together to fight for causes such as helping the environment.

Remember that Amazing Kids is always accepting submissions from student writers.  We encourage you to particular submit work that follows our following themes, which are Be You, Changing the World, and Finding Joy in Small Things.  Remember to look on our page for writer’s guidelines and follow them before submitting your article.

To become even more involved with Amazing Kids, we encourage you to apply for one of our full-time positions.  Current open positions include Writer’s Tips and Word Booster Editor, LOL Column Editor, Contest Coordinator, Movie Reviews Editor, and Contributing Writer.  Please email me at  To apply, you must submit a resume about your writing experience and three pieces of your writing.

Our monthly theme, Building Bridges, serves as an excellent example of what we should do in our own lives.

Dream big!


Victoria Feng