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January 2014: Issue #75 – Natural Wonders

Hi Amazing Kids!


Happy New Year! It’s amazing that an entire year has finally passed, and a whirlwind one too! I’m so grateful to all of you – readers, contributors, and writers – for helping to support our magazine for so long. I hope everyone has had a happy, healthy, and joyful new year’s and that this year will go just as well.

This month’s theme, “Natural Wonders,” asks us to think a little deeper about the questions and answers that exist right outside our windows. Whether you live near the tropics, up north where it’s colder, or even by the coastline, nature is always present. Nevertheless, it is a fragile work of art, and it must be preserved so that we can enjoy its beauty for years to come. Like the start of a new year, nature can appear as mysterious, but as we learn to accept it and embrace its beauty, it becomes something that we’ll treasure each and every day.

Check out our SciTech Kids column for Ryan’s “Fabulous Natural Wonders” and Enzo’s “A Narrow Place.” Both writers deliver excellent and informative articles about natural wonders of the world, and a new perspective into what we typically dismiss as unimportant. Little do we know, it really is the little things – rocks formations, glaciers, and forests – that make our earth such a beautiful place to live.

This month’s fiction story are just as intriguing. Hannah drops in with a riveting story about a Spanish rose man in “Javier De La Rosa.” Meanwhile, Mia tells of a personal story of hers, and how she discovered the superhero inside in “My Super Suit.” Definitely stop by the poetry section, too, for some great poems by our young writers!

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As always, keep writing!


Sharon Lin