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July/August 2012: Issue #59 – “The Mind”

Hello Amazing Kids!


Welcome to the 59th issue of Amazing Kids! Magazine. Summer is in full swing. Our bodies are controlled by our mind. This month we are learning about the complexities behind with the issue “The Mind – how it works, changes by age, diseases, ways to get smarter.”  Learn more about diseases of the mind and the ways our own body work in the nonfiction section. Also, let your imagination go and discover creative poetries and short stories. As always, find your hobby in the Amazing Kids! columns which include, cooking, science, travelling, laughing and more. Never forget the powers of the mind and have a great summer!

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Enjoy your summer and happy writing!

All the Best,


Mindy Yang
Student Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Cher /

    That’s a great post! Really interesting and allows
    kids my age (12) to think more clearly about Summer!
    All kids should read this. 🙂