Amazing Kids! Magazine

July/August Issue 2018: Issue #121 – Starry Skies

Hi Amazing Kids!


This month’s theme is Starry Skies, focuses on enjoying the beautiful sunsets and the quiet peace. Summer is a great opportunity to enjoy nature. Many of our columns this month showcase nature’s beauty. Three of our poems, Day to Night by our Comic Hub Editor and Contributing Writer Sehen, The Girl with Flowers, and Love Nature with Me, focus on the small jewels in nature.  Photography Editor Aryaman Steth shows us pictures of the beauty of animals and nature in the mornings.  Another one of our editors, Sci-tech Kids Editor offers tips for people to reduce pollution, such as opting for bikes instead of cars.  This month’s Word Booster has to do with Starry Skies.

Remember that Amazing Kids is always accepting submissions from student writers.  We encourage you to particular submit work that follows our following themes, which are Be Confident, Be You, Changing the World, and Finding Joy in Small Things.  Remember to look on our page for writer’s guidelines.

If you are interested in playing a full-time role in Amazing Kids, we invite you to submit to one of   We are accepting applications for Contest Coordinator, Movie Reviews Editor, and Contributing Writer.  For column editor/contributing writer positions, please send a resume of your writing experience and three pieces of work you’ve previously wrote.  For all submissions, please email me at

This month, take time to admire the small things in nature.  Spend time at the beach, or go on a hike.  Remember that as you are doing so to be careful of protecting the environment.


Dream big!

Victoria Feng