Amazing Kids! Magazine

July/August 2014: Issue #81 – Digital Generation

Hi Amazing Kids!


I can’t believe it’s already the end of the school year – and what a year! It’s been such an honor to serve as your Editor-in-Chief, and I’m so glad my transition was so well received this September. I’m looking forward to see how this magazine goes in the next few years!

In the meantime, we’ve recently recruited a new Spotlight Interviews editor, Haofei Liu, whose article for our Amazing Mentors column is one to check out! She interviewed Priten Shah, a Harvard student who serves as the CEO of Pain, Passion, and Pursuit Inc., as well as the founder and executive director of the Teach to Learn Foundation.

On the other side of the spectrum, Cook Time with Remmi’s back with another wonderful set of recipes for us to enjoy! She has prepared several wonderful fruit dishes just in time for the change in weather, and we’re so excited to find out whether they’re as good as she claims – or better!

Two months ago, we announced the winners of the Spring Fiction Contest. Today, we’re announcing the honorable mentions from the 12-14 age group – Sam Xu’s “The Last Chapel on Earth” and Avani Anil Kumar’s “What Stares Can Tell Us.” Both were very close to winning the award, so we’ll give them a round of applause as well as the distinction of being featured for our special double issue!

Speaking of features, another featured article is Global Village and Amazing Kids! Adventures editor Cathy Yan’s articles “Look How Far We’ve Come!” She talks about many of the wonderful technological advancements we’ve had these past few decades, as well as giving some historical fun facts for you to share with your family after you’re finished reading this month’s issue.

I almost forgot to mention, but there are two other Amazing Mentors for you to meet this month – Julian Lai, one of two Australian directors spearheading a new television program called “When I Grow Up,” and Alfonso Soto, a San Antonio dad who began an animated music group catering to children’s music. Both men have great stories to tell, and a lot of ambition, so make sure you stop by our Amazing Mentors column to read more about their visions!

With such a whirlwind of an issue, I hope you still have time to check out the submissions by readers just like you! A great number of young writers and poets have sent in their works to be edited, as well as many who were eventually published! Amazing Kids! Magazine is always open to new voices, so I encourage you send in any work you’re proud of to! Make sure you format the work correctly, by checking out our Submission Guidelines, and that the work is appropriate for publication.

Have a great summer, and remember to write!



Sharon Lin