Amazing Kids! Magazine

July/August 2015: Issue #91 – A Personal Odyssey

Hello Amazing Kids!


Wow! We have an amazing issue this month to share with you. Everyone has really stepped it up and submitted some extraordinary articles, stories, poetry, and art. The theme is “A Personal Odyssey” and it has brought out interesting stories about personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and changes. We hope that by reading this issue, you may be able to look deeper into yourself and plan a personal odyssey that will change your future for the better.

We have a record-breaking poetry section this month with a great number of poems that will help you reflect and observe things in a new light. A Summer Hike lets your mind experience the uplifting feelings of a nature hike through excellent use of words that evoke sights, tastes, and sounds of the forest. Achieving Success relates an important part of an odyssey – perseverance. Night Owl brings us into the world of an animal and through words, makes even the smallest motion come alive. Rove lets us into the mind of an explorer where adventure calls to them. All the poetry this month contains something special. We hope you’ll read every one. In the Fiction Column we have seven great stories with my favorite being about the passion to write, even amidst tragedy. It is called To Write, or Not to Write. Our Writer’s Tips Columns continue to be very important as this month you can find out how to break through Writer’s Block. Once again the Laugh Out Loud Column has made me literally laugh out loud. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the jokes this month as well. Finally, the Amazing Artists Column contains some beautiful photography that will transport you to some of our editors’ odysseys.

Exciting News! We always want to bring great contests and new things to our readers. This month we have TWO contests going on. The first contest is our 2015 Summer Fiction Writing Contest. This contest has you describe a creative excuse for why you are unable to turn in your homework. Be creative and think of something unusual that may have happened the night before or on your way to school that prevents you from having your homework done or in your backpack, This should be a fun contest with great prizes to the winners – a new building toy to create 3D designs, create art, and design wearables. As you’ll read in the Nonfiction Other Reviews Column, the Pinblock building set has the flexibility to build amazing things while allowing your creation to twist and turn without being bulky. So take out all the stops and describe something funny, unique, and entertaining that will take us on a journey. We look forward to reading your entries.

The second contest is our FUNraiser. From now until July 31st, kids and adults alike can participate by donating money to help Amazing Kids! reach our goal of $5,000 and show their support for our kid-created, award-winning and user-supported Amazing Kids! Magazine  and our literacy and friendship-building Amazing Kids! PenPals Program …all while having fun winning prizes and doing good at the same time! Drawings will be held from donors with prizes throughout the campaign. Check out the details through the link on the main page of the website.

Remember to share your advice in our new “Writer’s Tips Q&A” column on the main page that asks you, our readers, a writing advice question. The best answers will be featured in the next month’s Writer’s Tips column. If you feel you can inspire others with the lessons you’ve learned, feel free to join in by answering our question of the month.

Finally, we are introducing a new column called “Comic Hub” which will include news in the comic world, upcoming events. reviews of shows, current Marvel/DC news, and interviews with comic book writers/ (digital) animators to encourage kids to write books and comics. We will also include some kid-friendly, funny, manga (written in English, of course). Another great addition will be fan fiction pieces. So, if you have any cartoons, comic strips, fan fiction, or anything for the Comic Hub, forward them to us. Our new column editors, Sehen and Sarina, would love to hear from you.

Over the summer, put your creative caps on and write something for our upcoming themes: Trinkets and Treasures, Thanks is in the Air, Winter Wonderland (may also include holiday stories), Family Matters, Lucky You (stories about luck or fate), and Small Wonders. I look forward to reading all your stories at Feel free to brush up on our submission requirements in our Write for Us (link to area under the “Get Involved” tab.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Our jobs, as writers, is to tell others of our experiences. Share your stories with others through Amazing Kids! Magazine.

We look forward to reading your work.

Write On!

Ryan Traynor