Amazing Kids! Magazine

July/August Issue 2017: Issue #111 – Let the Sun Shine In!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


From the fragile emergence of daybreak to the pattern of evening sunlight reflected on water, the beauty of summer awakens our sense of possibility. This month, we embrace the optimism inherent in the season through our July/August theme, Let the Sun Shine In. Within our collection of articles, you’ll find encouragement to appreciate the renewal of hope that so often defines summer. Be sure to check out “Rebirth of Nature” in the Poetry column for an immersive read highlighting the glory of dawn. Approaching our theme from a different angle, “Extreme Optimism” in the Nonfiction Stories section teaches us to champion radiant happiness amid others’ doubt. Don’t forget to enjoy “Curriculum Day” and “The Final Four,” both featured in Fiction Stories, to meet characters whose positive attitudes enable them to act bravely. Last but not least, take a moment to capture in your mind the brilliant image of “Quiet Horizon,” presented among others in our Amazing Artists column. May you be inspired…

This month has truly been a rewarding one for the magazine as we have had the privilege to welcome several new authors and editors to our team of student staff. Congratulations to Sophia Vahanvaty, a moving writer who will be sharing her talents through her new role as Fiction Editor. I would also like to acknowledge Aryaman Sheth, a gifted photographer who has agreed to facilitate the Amazing Artists column. Finally, I thank Fatima Yousuf and Davi Jacobs, Contributing Writers, for offering the gift of their self-expression. I wish each of our new staff members the best as they carry out our Amazing Kids! mission of empowering youth to dream big!

To celebrate the spirit of this mission, we are excited to announce a creative writing contest. In anticipation of upcoming vacations and trips, our staff is now accepting entries of fiction or nonfiction adventure stories beginning with the line “I opened the book, and out slipped a photograph.” Winners will be published in our Amazing Kids! Adventures column and will receive their choice between a Leo Messi FootBubbles Set and a Solitaire Chess game. Be sure to send in your entry by the September 1 deadline—and check back to see the winners announced in our October issue! For further information, please refer to our contest page.

If you, too, would like to become part of our mission, I encourage you to submit your work to for consideration. In order to ensure that your submission fits the scope of our readership, you may view our guidelines in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab. Please keep in mind that preference will be given to stories relevant to our upcoming themes—The Road Ahead, A Lesson Learned, Autumn Leaves, and A Better Tomorrow—but that writing of any topic will be evaluated for potential publication. I hope you’ll reach out soon!

Often, the passion to write extends to the desire to nurture that talent in someone else. If you are interested in making a positive contribution to the lives of emerging authors, I invite you to apply for a staff position. Once you let me know your experiences and goals, I would love to work with you to find a role that complements your anticipated direction. You may contact me via email at

Remember, optimism is a gift. The choice to approach each day with a smile is one that will enrich your life and enlighten others’. By meeting the future with brave expectations, you just might inspire that sense of promise and potential in someone else. It is my faith that, in a world seemingly full of doubt, a single expression of hope leaves an impression upon many hearts.

Dream big!

Allison Stein