Amazing Kids! Magazine

June 2015: Issue #90 – A Glance into the Future!

Hello Amazing Kids!


Amazing Kids! is pleased to bring you our issue called “A Glance into the Future.” The future is seen differently by everyone – as demonstrated in science fiction movies, career paths, changing relationships, and dreams. In this issue you’ll read a little bit of everything to take you from fantasy to reality in a short journey from one column to another. Explore within the issue and maybe you’ll find a new vision of your future.

Poetry remains a strong column with words that will enlighten, describe, and relate feelings and events that affect our lives. The fiction stories include Not Home, a story that brings you into the past where decisions impact a whole family’s future. Another fiction story brings you into the future with Bad Day at the Movies where reality lines are blurred. We always strive to improve your writing each issue. In this issue, our Writer’s Tips column shows you how to use descriptive words to make your stories about the future come alive.

What’s new this month? We have exciting news – we are introducing a new feature. To improve your writing skills we are adding a “Writer’s Tips” column on the main page that asks you, our readers, a writing advice question. The best answers will be featured in the next month’s Writer’s Tips column. If you feel you can inspire others with the lessons you’ve learned, feel free to join in by answering our question of the month.

This month we are launching our 2015 Summer Fiction Writing Contest. This contest has you describe a creative excuse for why you are unable to turn in your homework. Be creative and think of something unusual that may have happened the night before or on your way to school that prevents you from having your homework done or in your backpack, This should be a fun contest with great prizes to the winners – a new building toy to create 3D designs, create art, and design wearables. So take out all the stops and describe something funny, unique, and entertaining that will take us on a journey. We look forward to reading your entries.

We hope our other upcoming themes may inspire some creative stories or nonfiction articles. They include: Personal Odysseys, Trinkets and Treasures, Thanks is in the Air, Winter Wonderland (may also include holiday stories), Family Matters, Lucky You (stories about luck or fate), and Small Wonders. I look forward to reading all your stories at Feel free to brush up on our submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

A great, inspirational quote about writing about the future is from Ray Bradbury who said, “The most improbable tales can be made believable, if your reader, through his sense, feels certain that he stands at the middle of events.” Mr. Bradbury lets us know that we can take the reader with us into any fantasy world if we make them feel a part of it. Paint the picture so the reader can see it in their mind and experience the activity. That will make them believe.

Keep writing and let your imagination soar. There are many readers out there just waiting to be inspired by your stories.


Write On!

Ryan Traynor