Amazing Kids! Magazine

June Issue 2017: Issue #110 – New Horizons!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


As we grow older, the transformation of our hearts is awe-inspiring. With each new day, fresh experiences enable us to acquire the strength and courage to move outside our comfort zones and to push the limits of our potential. This month, we explore those moments that awaken our sense of ever-evolving identity within the scope of our June theme, New Horizons. The stories compiled here lend perspective and power to the ordinary events that shape our lives. You’ll find a spirit of positive change in such articles as “The Best Performance” featured in the Nonfiction Stories column and “New Horizons, New Genres” in the Writer’s Tips section. From the Poetry column, “Growing Up Biking” invites further reflection on the vivid but often inexpressible emotions of youth. Highlighted alongside this piece is “What Little Girls Grow Up to Be,” a poem that speaks to our wishes during childhood and our dreams for the future. Finally, “Color of Sindhi Women” in the Global Village column expands our outlook with depictions of a unique culture. Together, these stories integrate the urgent message to take the necessary risks to grow.

If the writing presented here empowers you to create your own, please feel free to share your work with our editing team. After reviewing our submission guidelines located in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab, you may contact with your article and request for publication. In order to unify the content of our magazine, we encourage and appreciate submissions that complement our upcoming themes—Let the Sun Shine In, The Road Ahead, A Lesson Learned, and Autumn Leaves—but stories of any topic that elevate readers’ imaginations inspire us. As always, we look forward to helping you find your voice!

Perhaps you would like to take those writing skills a step further. If you are interested in embracing the responsibilities of a staff position, please reach out to me at regarding your experiences and goals. We are presently seeking applicants able to fulfill the objectives of Photography Editor, a creative role in capturing readers’ moments. The opportunity to touch lives through Amazing Kids! has redefined my perspective, and I hope to hear from others who also want to make their difference through our magazine.

Remember, new horizons are all around us. Every step we take outside our comfort zones informs our personal growth and emboldens us to achieve our dreams. With the passion to impact people in a positive light, we will accomplish all to which we set our minds and hearts. It is my faith that our attitudes transcend any adversity: Beyond those horizons lies our true potential.

Dream big!

Allison Stein