Amazing Kids! Magazine

June Issue 2018: Issue #120 – Working Together

Hi, Amazing Kids!


Teamwork is an essential part of everyone’s lives.  When we work together, we can achieve greater and better things.  We all bring unique experiences and backgrounds to the table.  In the Writers’ Tips column, editor Sophie Nadel suggests that writers should form a peer group to help encourage and critique writing.  She discusses the different types of feedback and how effective each of them is.  This month’s Amazing Kid! of the Month, Henry Burner, started a $2 million dollar business,  Buttonsmith, which he couldn’t have done without the help of his mom and his employees.  Similarly, our Amazing Mentor Dr. Jim Withers couldn’t have helped so many people without the assistance of a local hospital and his team.  As the old saying goes, two minds are better than one.

There are so many opportunities for aspiring writers to get involved with Amazing Kids! Magazine.  You can submit pieces you’ve written to to be considered for publication.   Make sure you read our writing guidelines before you submit.  Please keep in mind our future themes when writing your articles: Starry Skies, Be Confident, Be You, and Changing the World.

If you would like to make a big difference with Amazing Kids, consider joining our student staff.  We are currently accepting applications for a variety of positions.  Being a part of the Amazing Kids student staff is an excellent place to join a talented team and improve your writing.  There are opportunities to work with other staff members and collaborate on a bigger project.  To apply, email me at and send 3 pieces of your work and your resume.


Dream big!

Victoria Feng