Amazing Kids! Magazine

March 2016: Issue #97 – Lucky You!

Hi Amazing Kids!


March is the month we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all of us adopting the “Luck of the Irish.” This issue has the theme “Lucky You” so we’re bringing you stories that reflect events that were important to make a positive change or experience happen. In this issue you’ll find a Spotlight interview with Dr. Willie Jolley, an author and motivational speaker that encourages you to dream and believe in yourself to create your own destiny. He also wrote a great article in our Money Smarts column about money strategies for youth. In Fiction you’ll see how circumstances can change a person for the better in Benoni and A Kind Heart. Poetry has some exceptional pieces including Believe in Yourself, The Little Angel and The Storm. In the Nonfiction section we have some very interesting articles. First, one of our editors, Sarina, has provided us with 3 interesting reads in the Book Review column. In Nonfiction stories you can read about how events can shape your life in The Monstrous Red Cast, The Power of Story, and A New Adventure. You can find some excellent tips about writing about luck or fate in our Writing Tips column. I really love the diversity you see in our Amazing Kids Adventures and Global Village columns. Our Comic Hub column is still going strong with some “must-read” articles for comic enthusiasts.

Our 100th issue will be coming in June. Keep reading each month for an announcement of a great contest

We hope the themes of upcoming issues will motivate you to write some amazing stories. They include: Small Wonders, The Beauty of Nature, Friends Forever, Teachable Moments, Make a Difference, Reach for the Stars, A New Beginning, Acts of Kindness, and Electronics in Action. If you follow one of our themes, you’ll have a better chance of your submission being accepted for publication. So look through the stories you’ve written in your journal or for school and send your stories to me at after reading the submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

We’re still looking for some excellent writers and editors to join our amazing team in the next several months as some of our editors go off to college. Just email me with your writing experience to Congratulations to our new Money Smarts editor, Victoria Feng and our new Amazing Kid from History editor, Jordan Brunk.

As Vera Nazarian said, ““Luck is not as random as you think. Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it.” So go out and make your own luck. Reach for the stars and document your journey along the way. We’re all waiting to read about it!

Write On!

Ryan Traynor