Amazing Kids! Magazine

March Issue 2017: Issue #107 – Electronics in Action!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


Like a paper chain, our lives are linked to one another: We instinctively search for innovative ways to connect with the world around us. Technology empowers us to show kindness on a global scale, to communicate in a common language. This month, we reflect on our capacity to influence others in a digital realm through our March issue, Electronics in Action. The articles highlighted here will encourage you to delve more deeply in order to understand the intricate web of technological connections that mold and meld our lives. Be sure to check out “Effect of Today’s Electronics” in the Poetry column for one author’s insight on the omnipresence of devices as substitutes for traditional forms of entertainment. You’ll find additional opinions in the Staff Q&A, where our editing team shares stories of the positive engagement electronics offer. Also featured this month are two unique photographs in our Amazing Artists column: Take time to enjoy “Emotionless Keyboard” and “All Mixed Up,” each putting its own spin on the topic of technology. Finally, “Ball-Kidding Around” from our Fiction Stories column explores the connections characters make with one another when they live life as honest expressions of their ideals. I hope you, too, will be inspired to let your principles serve as the platform of your outreach to others.

Our staff has enjoyed putting together the collection of articles that create this issue. We would like to welcome and congratulate Stella Prince, our new editor for the Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village columns. This month, Stella has authored two articles, “Italy: A Country Full of Food, Gelato, and Culture” and “My Disney World Experience.” I know you’ll enjoy reading this writer’s perspectives, gleaned from exploring the wider world of adventure.

Everyone on our editing team is touched by a moving piece that reaches our inbox. Your words inspire us! Please take time to share your stories with our staff for the chance to see your work live in an upcoming issue. We would love to read submissions that touch on our future themes, including Simple Pleasures, Color My World, New Horizons, and Let the Sun Shine In. However, keep in mind that any topic or premise can be powerful if it is skillfully executed. Please send your writing to after reviewing our submission requirements in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab. I look forward to reading your creative work!

In addition to using a pen to leave an impression on paper, a writer often dreams of leaving an impression on the world. Guiding others through the writing journey is a rewarding way to make that impact. If you are interested in the opportunity to act as a coach or advocate for younger authors, please contact me at regarding the possibility of joining our team. We currently have available an open position in our Money Smarts column. Once you let me know your goals, I’ll try to offer you an experience that will complement your skills and allow you to express your unique identity as a writer.

Remember, the connections we make are the legacies we leave. Technology provides us with an inspiring platform from which to construct kindness. In a world of too many bad influences online, each of us has the power to reverse that trend through our own digital interactions. It is my faith that—always—you will rise to the occasion.


Dream big!

Allison Stein