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May 2011: Issue #47 – “Handicrafts from Around the World”

Hi Amazing Kids!

We’re excited to bring you the May 2011 issue of the Amazing Kids! Magazine: “Handicrafts from Around the World,” Issue #47. Creativity goes hand in hand with the beautiful crafts that we see all around the world.  Some of these crafts are sold to make money for kids and families.  You can read about some of these handicrafts from all around the globe in the Nonfiction Stories section (add link here) and hear about some individuals that have made art come alive in the Interview section (add link here) with a toy maker, Arvind Gupta, a child artist named Chirag Vedullapalli, and The Pulsera Project which raises money for Nicaraguan youth through bracelets.  In our Fiction section, you’ll find a large number of very high quality and creative poems and a story about Shakespeare’s pen and a mouse in a blackberry field.   Other artists show beautiful pieces in our AmazingArtists column.

Our Sci-Tech Kids! Column has an interview with a senior software engineer at Google and explores an interesting animal, the coati.  Review the LOL Humor column to see how our  column editor, Tanmaya has used her creativity to add some excellent stories, knock-knock jokes and Q&A’s to make this a laugh-out-loud column.

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Sean Traynor
Student Editor-in-Chief