Amazing Kids! Magazine

May 2014: Issue #79 – Mystical Music

Hi Amazing Kids!


I hope you’re as excited for this issue as I am! Music has played a fundamental role in my life ever since I was seven-years-old and first learning my way around the piano. Ever since then, I have been involved in symphonic bands, orchestras, pit orchestras, cultural ensembles, and various recitals halls. They say that music brings people together, and that could not be more true! If anything, music has brought me incredible experiences, amazing people, and wonderful opportunities to test myself in ways I could never have imagined.

Of course, classical music is not the only form that exists. Rap, metal, electro, and country are all popular genres of music. In fact, Amazing Kids! Adventures Editor Cathy Yan explores the power of a concert in her article, “Concert Memories.” The vibrations running through your body when you are in the middle of a performance, the excitement that reverberates within you – nothing brings out your inner beast like music.

Meanwhile, Assistant Editor Ryan Traynor has brought us an intriguing history of a special instrument. “The President’s Piano” details the history of this presidential relic, as well as its significance in our nation’s capital. Can you believe that the humble piano has made such a grand entrance in our hearts since it was created only a few centuries ago?

Speaking of centuries, only a few months ago, we announced the deadline of the first Fiction Competition of the Year. The winners have been announced and they are:

6-8: Ritaj El Ghissassi

9-11: Macey Uzzell

12-14: Olivia Ruiz

Congratulations! Our first competition was very successful, as we receive quite a lot of well-written stories. We will be posting honorable mentions soon, as well as their respective stories, so keep your eyes open! Even though our contest is over, we are always open for submissions to our regular columns. Amazing Kids! Magazine encourages its writers to try out different forms of writing, and if you are unsure, simply send us an email and we will help you along the way!

Remember, never stop writing!



Sharon Lin