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May 2016: Issue #99 – Memories that Matter!

Hi Amazing Kids!


The month of May brings flowers peeking their heads out from cracked soil, reminding us of breaking through struggles and beginning anew, with a fresh perspective. Fond memories impact us in interesting ways, causing us to sometimes change the way we view things. This month’s issue is called “Memories that Matter.” In this issue you’ll find some extraordinary writing that shows how everyday events can make an impact on our lives. Especially in the Nonfiction Column this month you’ll find some heartfelt writing about moments in our writer’s lives. Check out A Walk in the Woods, Moving Chairs, The Mesmerizing Canyon or My Woods for some excellent writing that puts you in the shoes of the writer as they are creating lasting memories. For new perspectives on things, you can also go to the Poetry area where you can see life through the eyes of a young child in The Red Car. I also really enjoyed Lunar New Year in Korea and The Memoir of the Terracotta Warrior. To beef up your own writing, remember to check out our Writer’s Tips Column and the Word Booster Column as they always give you valuable information that will improve your writing.

Our 100th issue will be coming in June. We are putting the finishing touches on our new contest so check back to see what it will be.

Why not look into your notebooks and journals and see if any of your school assignments or creative writings match any of our upcoming themes? They include: The Beauty of Nature, Friends Forever, Teachable Moments, Make a Difference, Reach for the Stars, A New Beginning, Acts of Kindness, and Electronics in Action. If you follow one of our themes, you’ll have a better chance of your submission being accepted for publication. Remember, we also publish artwork so all those sketches could make you a published artist. Just scan your piece of art you’ve made and send it to us as a png or jpeg file. So look through the stories you’ve written and your artwork and send them to me at after reading the submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

We’re still looking for some excellent writers and editors to join our amazing team in the next several months as some of our editors go off to college and we give some of our current editors new, well-earned responsibilities. Just email me with your writing experience to

The ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle once said, “Memory is the scribe of the soul.” So take those memories, the good and the bad, and put them into your writing. Readers will be able to relate much better to things that you have experienced and can describe clearly on paper.
Write On!

Ryan Traynor