Amazing Kids! Magazine

May Issue 2017: Issue #109 – Color My World!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


Our experiences color our lives with iridescent beauty. The world around us is a kaleidoscope of dreams if only we look within ourselves for the passion to make a change. This month, we immerse our imaginations in stories that reflect the theme Color My World. Evoking a rainbow of emotion, the articles showcased in our May issue take a unique approach to capturing the vibrant potential in each of us. In the Nonfiction Stories column, you’ll find a standout feature through the piece “Pink and Blue,” a story that highlights the symbolism of colors in our society. Equally captivating, “A Painting” and “Nature’s Colors” in the Poetry column encompass vivid language to paint an image in our minds. Other writers draw on their inspiration in innovative ways. Learn how one individual has actively appreciated the details of her journey in “The Country of Austria” from our Amazing Kids! Adventures column. Yet another author shares her process for bringing observations to the page in “Write with the Rainbow” from our Writer’s Tips column. Collectively, these articles will empower you to more clearly assess the memories that have colored your own world.

If you, too, would like the opportunity to express yourself in Amazing Kids! Magazine, please submit your writing for potential publication. You may review our submission requirements in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab before sending your stories to Keep in mind that our staff enjoys and appreciates work coordinating with our upcoming themes, including New Horizons, Let the Sun Shine In, The Road Ahead, and A Lesson Learned; however, any topic that inspires us to think or feel more deeply will spark our enthusiasm. I am excited to discover the talent you can share with our readership!

Perhaps the most effective way to develop your writing skills is to equip others with the advice and encouragement to develop theirs. If you are interested in embracing a leadership opportunity within Amazing Kids! Magazine, please contact me at regarding your experiences and goals. We are currently encouraging applications for our Photography Editor and Fiction Editor positions. As any of our staff could share with you, the fulfillment that comes from nurturing the talent of younger authors is truly inspiring.

Remember, our lives hold an entire rainbow of possibilities awaiting us. The infinite avenues ahead provide a path to a brighter tomorrow. By fully absorbing the emotions encapsulated in each moment, we will immerse ourselves in the potential to grow. It is my faith that, through the efforts you invest to make a difference, you will color someone else’s life with soulful memories.

Dream big!

Allison Stein