Amazing Kids! Magazine

May Issue 2018: Issue #119 – Express Yourself

Hi, Amazing Kids!


There are so many ways each day we express our individuality.  Whether it’s through our unique sense of style, thoughts, or creative ideas, we all stand out.  This month’s articles explore how our contributors have gone against the flow and showed their sense of uniqueness.  “Be Yourself” is a short uplifting piece that reminds us that it’s okay to stand out and be ourselves.

I am so happy to start my tenure as Editor-in-Chief.  I want to thank Allison Stein for her work as our previous Editor-in-Chief.  Allison has been a fantastic Editor-in-Chief and has helped guide Amazing Kids extremely well.  Under her leadership, our magazine has carried on our long-standing tradition of empowering kids.  I want to thank former Editor-in-Chief and current Editorial Advisor Ryan Traynor as well.  When I entered Amazing Kids! Magazine two years ago, he served as a mentor and guide for me. Being a part of Amazing Kids has opened me to so many new opportunities and has served as an incredible learning experience.  I am so excited to continue to learn even more from them in the upcoming months.

If you are interested in sharing your creative thoughts and ideas with Amazing Kids! Magazine and our readers, we encourage you to submit your writing to us.  Please review the submission requirements- you can find it under our “Get Involved” tab and then in the “Write for Us” area- before submitting.  As you are writing, please keep in mind our future themes: Working Together, Starry Skies, and Be Confident, Be You.

An even better way to get involved in Amazing Kids is to become a contributing editor for us.  We are currently seeking a Contest Coordinator, Movie Reviews Editor, and contributing writers.  Being an editor for Amazing Kids is an incredible opportunity to share your work with an audience of international readers.  For me, it has shaped my perspective on so many things, and I am sure it has for the rest of our staff as well.  To apply, please email me at

Remember, every day is a new opportunity to try something new, to do something no one else has done.  You don’t have to always do what everyone else does.  This month, focus on appreciating your own unique self.  There is no one else in the world like you; you’re the only one.  And that’s truly amazing.


Dream big!

Victoria Feng