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November 2013: Issue #73 – Magic and Mystery

Hi Amazing Kids!


If your lives have been anything like mine, these past few weeks have simply flown by. With Halloween just ending and the onset of Thanksgiving approaching our minds, naturally we begin to cast our weary eyes on the sights of fall. From bright and beautiful leaves to aromatic pumpkin spices, let’s help welcome November in with a hearty salutation!

This month’s theme – Magic and Mystery – could not have been more appropriate. Whenever fall rolls around, I have a hard time focusing on anything but the magic of the season. It simply awes me that the leaves are able to change their hues so subtly into their beautiful reds, oranges, and yellow. I love how the air silences and the geese overhead fly on their yearly migration to warmer climates, leaving behind a sweet sort of melancholy. Most of all, I love the sense that something is ending, and yet at the same time beginning. Indeed, there is a Magic and Mystery to everything!

In the meantime, while fall is setting in, stop by the Cook Nook for some of Remmi’s newest delights! Her Winter Salad with Butternut Squash is simply delightful and her Strawberry Banana sandwiches are a creative and healthy way to get a final kick from those leftover summer fruits before winter sets in. Check out Connor’s story, “The Fairytale,” which tells of his team playing in what is one of the most celebrated fall sports of all time – basketball. Make sure to hone in on our Writer’s Tips, where Assistant Editor Ryan provides us with valuable tips on how to perfect your fiction. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next featured writer on our site!

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Sharon Lin