Amazing Kids! Magazine

November 2014: Issue #84 – Government and Law

Hi Amazing Kids!


Happy Halloween and welcome to a new month! I hope everyone has had time to get creative amidst the changing of the seasons and the great number of festivities and worldwide events that have been occurring recently. If you ask me, there is no better time for us to have a topic like Government and Law!

I have had the greatest time communicating with my editors, contributing writers, and readers in the past several months. Indeed, I have greatly enjoyed holding the position of Editor-in-Chief, as it has been immensely rewarding. The people I have met, relationships I have forged, and professional skills I have developed as a result of holding this office have been profound. Thus, it is with great regret that I announce that my term as Editor-in-Chief of Amazing Kids! Magazine has expired.

I would like to introduce our new Editor-in-Chief – Ryan Traynor. Ever since I began my position little over a year ago, Ryan has been by my side as the Assistant Editor. His dedication to service, community outreach, and diligence in his work will serve him well as the new head of the Editorial Board. I look forward to working with him in the upcoming months, as I will still be contributing to the magazine as an editor, albeit no longer directly handling responses from readers like you.

In the meantime, encourage your friends and family members read up on the latest content from our writers. Britteny Walker’s book reviews, Art Editor Ioana Ciora’s art pieces, and Aazan Ahmad’s piece on Lorikeets are definitely articles to check out. As for pieces by our editors, Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor Cathy Yan has prepared some great pieces on campaigning for student government and the British government.

Spotlight Interviews Editor Haofei Liu recently interviewed Alexa von Essen, a local writer, so her piece is definitely a must-read. In addition, Kasey Dallman has done a commendable job reporting on our Amazing Kid of the Month – Robby Novak, aka Kid President!

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As a final note, make sure you check out the latest contest for a chance to win an amazing prize! Our Wild Jungle Fall Writing Contest! Rules are located on the front page, and all writers grades K-12 are invited to submit short stories!

Keep being amazing!


Sharon Lin