Amazing Kids! Magazine

November 2015: Issue #94 – Thanks is in the Air

Hello Amazing Kids!


The holiday season is fast upon us. In the United States we trade in our Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving and it brings us to a place where we remember and appreciate all the things we are thankful for. Our theme this month is “Thanks is in the Air” as we celebrate gifts and people that have made a difference in our lives. I know you’ll enjoy the wide variety of stories, art, poetry, and jokes we have in store for you this month.

I am thankful this month for the extraordinary interview featured in our Nonfiction, Amazing Mentor Interview column with Julie Foudy. In case you are one of the few people on Earth that hasn’t heard of this female soccer superstar, she is an extraordinary person both on and off the field. Read more about her and her thoughts on training and on life. Check out the review of the new soccer movie on DVD called Golden Shoes if you need another dose of soccer. In the Nonfiction section you will find some very interesting articles. You can read about the new book called Lego Architect or immerse yourself in some great nonfiction stories such as What the US Flag Means to Me, Appreciate or The Grass isn’t always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence which reflects on the book The Diary of a Young Girl. Poetry is once again full of amazing pieces. Check out Painting Pebbles to gain a new insight into even the smallest things while Snowy Days gives you a view of a colder day. To get into the theme of being thankful, read about it in the poem Thanks Be.

Our Amazing Columns are always full of fantastic stories and articles each month. This month you can read how to create an amazing setting in the Writer’s Tips Column, or travel off to new adventures by reading about the Hispanic Culture or about Chicago. With Thanksgiving coming up this month, try out Remmi’s recipe for cranberry cornbread dressing in the Cook Nook column. You can impress your entire family. Finally, the Amazing Artists Column contains some beautiful photography that encapsulate being thankful.

Remember to share your advice in our “Writer’s Tips Q&A” column on the main page that asks you, our readers, a writing advice question. The best answers will be featured in the next month’s Writer’s Tips column. If you feel you can inspire others with the lessons you’ve learned, feel free to join in by answering our question of the month.

We offer the magazine for free each month to all our readers and don’t accept advertisements. We depend on donations from our readers to keep the magazine going strong. If you are thankful for the magazine and want to support us this holiday season, please give a donation of any size by clicking here!

Our magazine is great because of our writers, like you, from all over the world. We look forward to reading more of your submissions. Feel free to send them to me directly at Perhaps your story can be published in a future issue! Wouldn’t that be a great present for the holidays! Upcoming themes are: Winter Wonderland (may also include holiday stories), Family Matters, Lucky You (stories about luck or fate), and Small Wonders. Feel free to brush up on our submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

Samuel Smiles once said, “We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what we will do, by finding out what we will not do.” So don’t be discouraged if your first drafts don’t come out strong. Keep trying and learning lessons from your difficulties. The rough ocean creates polished stones. Write and rewrite until you have your polished stone, then share your stories with others through Amazing Kids! Magazine.

Have a great holiday season.

Write On!

Ryan Traynor