Amazing Kids! Magazine

November Issue 2017: Issue #114 – Autumn Leaves!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


The fall season lifts to the surface of our thoughts an image of change. This month, we explore the mind’s discoveries and the heart’s transformations through the scope of our November theme, Autumn Leaves. You’ll immediately connect, as I did, to meaningful works such as “Once Living, Forever Living” from the Poetry column. Be sure to also stop by the Fiction Stories section to enjoy “Why the Leaves Change Colors,” a story among others whose message offers courage and hope. In Nonfiction Stories, please take the time to consider the premise of “A Reflection on the Changing Seasons” and the call to action in “What Can You Do?” Last but not least, learn to apply these insights to your own writing from the article “Word Booster: Autumn Leaves,” featured in the Writer’s Tips column. May the changes ahead embolden us…

Our staff is excited to announce the winners of our Amazing Kids! Adventure Contest! I would like to congratulate each author for participating in the competition and for inspiring our judging panel with your creativity. Please be sure to check out the entries chosen per age group this month in our Amazing Kids! Adventures column. Thanks to the generous sponsors of Thinkfun and FootBubbles, all winners will receive their choice between a Solitaire Chess game and Messi FootBubbles. I am also grateful to the Traynor family for covering the shipping cost of prizes: I appreciate your commitment to supporting children in the pursuit of literary endeavors. Finally, congratulations to Victoria, Stella, and Sarina for their passionate work in coordinating the competition and fulfilling our mission to empower youth.

New on our team of student staff is Albert Zhang, a talented author enthusiastic about creating poems, book reviews, and art. This month, we welcome Albert as a Contributing Writer, a position in which he will regularly provide articles for our audience to enjoy. We wish him the best as he shares his talent and enthusiasm with readers around the world!

I would also like to recognize Photography Editor Aryaman Sheth for introducing a challenge specific to the work of young artists. To celebrate the holiday season, Aryaman is interested in showcasing photography and artwork based on the theme of Christmas or winter. We encourage you to submit your work of this topic to by the deadline of January 1. The best entry will be published on the home page of our February issue!

If you are interested in contributing work to our readership on a regular basis, I hope you will submit your writing to for the review of our editing team. Preference will be given to works which complement our upcoming themes—A Better Tomorrow, Paying It Forward, Sky’s the Limit, and Words That Change the World—but stories of any topic are eligible for potential publication. For complete submission guidelines, please refer to the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab. I hope to hear from you soon!

Some of you may wish not only to develop your own skills but to nurture talent in another young author. Should you desire the opportunity to join our team of student staff, contact to apply for a writing or editing position today. Once you convey to me your experiences and goals, I will collaborate with you to select a role which facilitates achievement of your objectives. We are currently seeking applications for Adult Spotlight Interviewer and Contributing Writer. Please feel free to reach out!

Remember, our perspectives are ever-evolving. The autumn leaves cluttering earth’s surface signal breath-taking change. It is my faith that we, too, will find the courage to confront our transformations.

Dream big!


Allison Stein