Amazing Kids! Magazine

October 2014: Issue #83 – Funky Fashion

Hi Amazing Kids!


How has September been treating you? I know the start of the school year can be overwhelming, but I’m so proud of all of you for sticking it through and coming out just as fresh as every before! I’ve had a pretty eventful September myself, taking strolls around New York City; visiting New Haven, Connecticut with my debate team; and appreciating the landscape in its brief reminiscence of summer before the autumn sets in. I personally get very sentimental especially around the fall season.

However, that’s one of the reasons why I absolutely love the changing of seasons. This past summer, I was lucky enough to have witnessed the NYC Fashion Week occurring near the site of my summer internship. Although I didn’t go myself, it was interesting listening in on some of the conversations of attendees. The coming and going of artistic movements is incredibly fluid, and even more is the artistic genius that congregates once a year in this city to celebrate the art that weaves itself into our daily lives.

There’s nothing more prominent than fashion. Although first impressions are not necessarily accurate representations of a person, we nonetheless do appreciate people with a good sense of fashion. Is it because of the self-respect intrinsically tied in with the ability to dress to your best, or the air of importance that comes with people who are able to speak their own mind through their unique fashion statement? Either way, fashion is a great way to get to meet new people, or even just to appreciate the great diversity of minds we have around us.

At Amazing Kids! Magazine, we’ve compiled a great assortment of new pieces for you to feast your eyes on, once you’ve finished checking out the latest fall fashions! Amazing Kids! Adventures and Global Village Editor Cathy’s article “My Style Evolution” talks about her own experience with finding her own style. In addition, Assistant Editor Ryan monthly Word Booster has a lot of fascinating fashion terms for you to add to your lexicon!

Once you’ve finished checking out these fantastic pieces, make sure you read some of the new writings by our readers as well. Who knows, maybe you could be the next featured writer!

In the meantime, encourage your friends and family members to enter our Wild Jungle Fall Writing Contest! Rules are located on the front page, and all writers grades K-12 are invited to submit short stories for a chance to win a prize!

Stay fashionably amazing!



Sharon Lin