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October Issue 2016: Issue #103 – Make a Difference

Hi Amazing Kids!


I hope everyone is getting into the swing of things as school settles into a steady routine and our friendships are renewed. October brings the changing of the leaves and Halloween festivities. It is a great time to reassess the direction of your life and finding ways that you can make a difference. There are great examples out there where youth have done some fabulous things. You’ll see examples of this in our Amazing Kid of the Month and the Amazing Kids Interview columns. Sometimes youth can be inspired by stories of making a difference written by other kids. This month’s theme is “Make a Difference” and you’ll see this in many of the stories featured this month. Gaurika and the Crying Bridge shows how a child uses her intelligence to bring a problem that needs fixing to the attention of an adult. Frackciddents is a story set in the future where a child has to find a way to correct an injustice. Sometimes choosing the wrong path in life instead of one that helps others, can create problems for yourself as seen in To a New Life. Our editors at Amazing Kids! Magazine are always inspired by promising very young writers. In this issue you’ll see a nice story by a 7-year-old called Magical Dress and by a 6-year-old called The Shy Squirrel. Our hope is that by allowing your stories to be published, you will be inspired to become even better writers to wow us in the future.

You’ll be able to read some of our best submissions from our summer Writing Prompt Fiction Contest in the fiction column this month. Because there were so many fantastic entries, we felt we had to share some of the notable ones that will dazzle you with their exceptional writing. A very entertaining one is called Delicious Generosity and an imaginative one is called Cody and the Secret Treasure. Again, congratulations to the winners of the contest. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read them, you can find the links on the Summer Fiction Writing Prompt Contest Results page.

Remember to always push yourself to write better. We offer a great opportunity to do just that and to win some great prizes with our Money Lesson Story Writing Contest. So check out the contest rules on the contest page. We will be accepting entries to this contest until November 1st and the winners will be announced on February 1st.

You can also submit your stories, articles, and art (including photographs) to me to include in upcoming issues. Our upcoming themes include: Reach for the Stars, A New Beginning, Acts of Kindness, and Electronics in Action. If you follow one of our themes, you’ll have a better chance of your submission being accepted for publication. Remember, we also publish artwork so all those sketches could make you a published artist. Just scan your piece of art you’ve made and send it to us as a pdf, png or jpeg file. So look through the stories you’ve written over the summer and your artwork and send them to me at after reading the submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

We’re still looking for some excellent writers and editors to join our amazing team. If you are interested in learning how to write better and edit submissions while having fun with our fantastic staff, let me know if you’re interested in becoming the Assistant Editor, Nonfiction Editor, Amazing Artist Editor, Adult Spotlight Interviewer (who arranges interviews with accomplished adults worldwide), Movie Reviews Editor, or a monthly Contributing Writer. These roles can be as small as writing one story a month or as big as taking on a large column with multiple submissions each month. Just email me with your writing experience and interests to

The famous poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” Make your life count by sharing your thoughts and experiences with others in your writing. Perhaps you will inspire someone else to make a difference or take a different path in their life that will make it more worthwhile. We can be the spark that ignites a flame in others to do something good.
Write On!

Ryan Traynor