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October Issue 2017: Issue #113 – A Lesson Learned!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


Autumn air is crisp and cool, and amber leaves clutter the ground. The shift in seasons inspires a fresh outlook as the world begins a new adventure. This month, we reflect on the changing colors of our own lives through our October theme, A Lesson Learned. The stories highlighted here seek to illuminate experiences that have shaped us in ways big and small. You’ll find encouragement to expand your knowledge and creativity alike with such articles as “Light Painting,” featured this month in our Nonfiction Stories section. From the Poetry column, you’ll discover “In and Out People Go” and “Invisible Me,” thoughtful accounts of an individual learning to transform hardship into strength. Don’t forget to stop by Amazing Book Reviews to meet a character whose perspective alters throughout the action-oriented plot of The Phantom Tollbooth. Finally, I hope you’ll visit the Writer’s Tips section to enjoy the article “Your Own Lessons: Writing Myths” for guidance in creating a story unique to your imaginative journey. May this season of change move us to dream…

Thank you to each of the talented writers who shared their creativity in our Amazing Kids! Adventure Contest. Winning entries will be announced and published in our November issue. Be sure to stop back next month to enjoy a collection of stories that truly inspired our team of student staff!

Congratulations to Stella Prince, our AK Adventures and Global Village Editor who will take on the responsibilities of the Nonfiction Stories column in addition to her current roles. Stella is a talented author whose work brings unique experiences to life for readers. I would also like to acknowledge Ashley Lin, our previous Nonfiction Editor who has done a phenomenal job managing the column during her time with Amazing Kids! Magazine. We wish both of you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Amazing Kids! is always searching for new stories to tell. If you are interested in contributing work for potential publication, I encourage you to check out our submission guidelines located in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab. Please note that preference is given to writing whose subject matter touches on our upcoming themes—Autumn Leaves, A Better Tomorrow, Paying It Forward, and Sky’s the Limit—but that any kid-friendly topic is acceptable. You may submit your completed drafts via email to

Perhaps writing is not only your interest but your passion. For those of you intrigued by the opportunity to mentor emerging authors, I invite you to apply for a staff position with our team. We are currently seeking applications for Adult Spotlight Interviewer and Contributing Writer.

Once you share with me your experiences and goals, I am happy to help you choose a role that allows you to grow as a writer. Please reach out to me at

Remember, dreams come true through discovery. The acceptance of our mistakes is a powerful act which enables us to better understand the path to success. It is my faith that the lessons we learn will serve as guideposts to show us the way.

Dream big!

Allison Stein