Amazing Kids! Magazine

September 2014: Issue #82 – Histories and Mysteries

Hi Amazing Kids!


Summer’s already over, and it has been an extremely eventful one especially for us at Amazing Kids! I personally travelled quite a bit this summer, and will hopefully be blogging about it soon (once I am able to upload my plethora of photos onto my laptop!) From flying to Chicago to trekking through Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I have been journaling and recording my special moments throughout the month, and hopefully will be soon sharing them with you lovely readers!

As for the Amazing Kids! Team, we’ve been brainstorming new stories and themes for the upcoming months. We’re hoping to host a brand new contest – so definitely check out our new contest announcement bulletin for that!

Finally, we’ve been having a lot of new members joining our board, and I’m very excited for what this coming year will bring to our magazine! Check out the Sci-Tech Kids column for an intriguing article on magpies and the science behind their behaviors. This was certainly a mystery for our team, and we were very excited to find the link between science and finding clues through our research.

In addition, make sure to check out Haofei’s new Spotlight Interview with Samantha Vervoordt, a teen self-published author! She’s certainly making her own history with her words and we’re excited to see what she has in store for us this month!

Make sure you don’t skim over Cathy’s article about pondering the history of our world during a field trip. It really strikes you when you realize that there are so many things happening that we are not even aware of, much less willing to ponder over! Ryan’s article on the greatest mysteries of history is also worth a peek, as he gives a fascinating take on the history of some of the most eccentric landmarks known to man.

With so much new material, and fall term of school looming ahead, best of luck to all of you Amazing Kids! I hope you find the time to make your own “histories and mysteries” this month!




Sharon Lin