Amazing Kids! Magazine

September 2016: Issue #102 – Teachable Moments

Hi Amazing Kids!


Another summer has passed and now school is starting again. This gives us a chance to look at things in a new way and begin anew. That is why this issue’s theme is “Teachable Moments.” No matter what happens in your life – good or bad – you can learn from it and begin again with new knowledge. We hope to help with that by bringing you stories about teachable moments. In this issue you’ll find several stories dealing with changes that have taught kids something including Important Lessons in Life, Wondering Dallas, Clear Skies, and Hayo-Went-Ha in the Nonfiction column. These stories deal with conquering fears, dealing with loss, and learning to manage changes. In the Fiction column, you can find similar themes in Lost Pegasus, Luminaries, and a Tough Life in New Mexico. Word Booster is full of words you can use in your stories about teachable moments. We also have a new artist with works in the Amazing Artist column. Check out the beautiful Look at Me and Nothing Else and Lines of Life by Betsy Jenifer from India.

The most important news in this issue is the announcement of the winners of our Summer Fiction Writing Contest – Finish the Prompt. There were so many fantastic entries that it was difficult to choose the winners. I was amazed how diverse the stories could be based upon the same writing prompt, but you writers always astonish me! Please read the winners in the Fiction Stories column or through the links on the contest page. They will fascinate you and inspire you to write more of your own due to their exceptional writing. My favorite is Hotel Hullabaloo in our youngest age category, but all winners showed exceptional writing skills. Since we had so many submissions for this contest, we want to showcase some of our best written stories and their authors. Look for these highlights in the next couple of issues. Thank you to the Traynor family for donating the $50 gift cards given to the winners. Also, thank you to our judges: Sarina, Salma, Emma, Tristan, Allison, Victoria, and me. Judging takes a lot of time to analyze each piece and to give some feedback to each submitter. We are lucky to have such talented writers and editors on our volunteer Amazing Kids! Staff!

We know that sometimes you need a little incentive to keep your writing flowing. So, we are introducing our next contest immediately – a fiction or nonfiction story related to learning a money lesson. The winners will be featured in our Money Smarts column. So check out the contest rules on the contest page. We will be accepting entries to this contest until November 1st and announce the winners in our February issue. We are pleased to announce that the winners will receive a Leo Messi FootBubbles Set and a Solitaire Chess game.

You can also submit your stories, articles, and art (including photographs) to me to include in upcoming issues. Our upcoming themes include:  Reach for the Stars, A New Beginning, Acts of Kindness, and Electronics in Action. If you follow one of our themes, you’ll have a better chance of your submission being accepted for publication. Remember, we also publish artwork so all those sketches could make you a published artist. Just scan your piece of art you’ve made and send it to us as a png or jpeg file. So look through the stories you’ve written over the summer and your artwork and send them to me at after reading the submission requirements in our Write for Us area under the “Get Involved” tab.

We’re still looking for some excellent writers and editors to join our amazing team soon. If you are interested in learning how to write better and edit submissions while having fun with our fantastic staff, let me know if you’re interested in becoming the Nonfiction Editor, Amazing Artist Editor, Mentor Interviewer (who arranges interviews with accomplished adults worldwide), Movie Reviews Editor, or a monthly Contributing Writer. Just email me with your writing experience and interests to

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” As you write, don’t just tell the reader something – involve them. This will help them become immersed in your writing and be able to learn from it. Your words can change lives, if you touch someone’s heart.


Write On!

Ryan Traynor