Amazing Kids! Magazine

September Issue 2017: Issue #112 – The Road Ahead!

Hi, Amazing Kids!


Our journeys define us. The footsteps we make, the impressions we leave—these are who we are. This month, we reflect on the destinations at which we have arrived—both on the map and in our minds—through a collection of stories touching on our September theme, The Road Ahead. The articles within this issue bring together a wide array of memories that have shaped each writer’s worldview. You’ll find brilliant descriptions and colorful imagery in such stories as “My Experience in Ocean Grove, NJ” from the Amazing Kids Adventures column. You’ll also enjoy our Amazing Mentor Spotlight Interview with Sally A. Casazza, in which one generous role model shares the trajectory of her story. Be sure to check out “Dolphin Encounter: Mauritius” from the Global Village section and “Touring the Middle East” in Nonfiction Stories to discover transformative moments painted on the page. Finally, “Capturing Your Adventures” in our Writer’s Tips column just might inspire you to take step one of your own journey. It is our goal that, in some small way, our work will leave you changed.

We have extended the deadline for our Amazing Kids! Adventure Contest to October 1. Winning stories will now be published in our November issue. I encourage you to share your talent and creativity through this writing competition, as we are always inspired by new voices. Our staff is looking for submissions of adventure stories, fiction or nonfiction, beginning with the line “I opened the book, and out slipped a photograph.” Please see the contest page for details.

I would like to thank all staff members for their hard work in making this magazine possible and sharing the Amazing Kids! mission to inspire youth. In particular, I want to congratulate Fatima Yousuf, an ambitious writer who has recently accepted the role of Money Smarts Editor. In this position, she will educate our young audience about the importance of making informed financial choices. Good luck, Fatima!

If you, too, have a message to convey, I hope you’ll submit your writing to our team of column editors. After checking out our submission guidelines in the “Write for Us” area under the “Get Involved” tab, please send your work to for potential publication. Preference is given to stories aligned with our upcoming themes—A Lesson Learned, Autumn Leaves, A Better Tomorrow, and Paying It Forward—but we invite you to write about any topic that sparks your interest. Your work is important, and we’d love to help you find an opportunity to share it with others.

Not only does the act of writing shed light on one’s own dreams, but it often ignites the wish to nurture someone else’s. Please consider joining our team and touching the lives of young authors. Should you be interested in a staff position for Amazing Kids! Magazine, let me know your experiences and goals so that I can direct you to a role that complements your interests. You may reach me at

Remember, our journeys—our stories—inspire those whose lives we reach. The adventures we embark on truly may change the world. It is my faith that, in the stories we tell, we will spark bold emotion in minds and hearts.


Dream big!

Allison Stein