Amazing Kids! Magazine

September Issue 2018: Issue #122 – Be Confident

Hi Amazing Kids!


This month’s theme is Be Confident, Be You, and encourages everyone to find the courage to follow their dreams.  As school starts, work on helping others achieve their dreams as well.  When we work together as a community, we are able to achieve success.  This month’s AKOM, aspiring Alyssa Carson, is an amazing example of what it means to follow your dreams.  This month’s Spotlight Mentor Danielle Gletlow is also an incredible example of one person helping to improve their community.

If you’d like your work to be featured in Amazing Kids! Magazine as well, we are always open to submissions.  We advise that you work on submissions that feature one of Amazing Kids’ future themes, which are: Changing the World, Finding Joy in Small Things, and Holiday Cheer.  Additionally, AK Adventures/Global Village column submissions are highly encouraged.  Before submitting, look at our Writer’s Guidelines.

And if you want to be even more involved in Amazing Kids, we have several column positions open right now.  Our current open positions are: Humor/LOL Editor, Contest Coordinator, Movie Reviews Editor, and Contributing Writer.  As for individual entries, column editor submissions should be emailed to  When you are submitting for a column editor position, please attach 3 pieces of your work that relate the position you are applying for and a resume.

Remember even when the times get tough, hold your head up high and put your best forward.  A little confidence goes a long way.


Dream big!

Victoria Feng