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Annabelle Goes Green

By: Allison Stein, age 10, Michigan

Annabelle Smith and her two best friends, Samantha and Kristy, loved going to Sand City School and being in second grade. They especially loved right after lunch when Mrs. Lemming, their teacher, would read them a story. That Monday afternoon, Mrs. Lemming read them a story called Super Sophie Saves the Day. The story was about an ordinary girl named Sophie who could transform into a superhero. Annabelle wished she could be as great as Sophie.

After school, Annabelle, Samantha, and Kristy walked home together. “I decided that from now on I’m going to be a superhero,” Annabelle told her friends.

“You mean heroine,” Kristy said. “You’re a girl, Annabelle.”

“Besides,” Samantha said. “Heroines like Sophie wear red capes, not overalls.”

The next day Kristy and Samantha picked Annabelle up on their way to school. Annabelle had a red towel taped to her blue shirt. “I am Super Annabelle,” Annabelle said.

“Whom did you rescue?” Kristy asked.

“Rescue?” Annabelle said.

“What did you think heroines did all day?” Samantha asked.

“Well,” Annabelle said. “I’ll rescue someone on the way to school.”

Charlotte, another second grader, walked past the girls. Her sweater was tied around her waist. She ran a little faster, and her sweater was nearly on the ground! Annabelle had to think fast. She wondered what Sophie would do. Jumping on Charlotte, Annabelle grabbed the sweater to keep Charlotte from tripping. Giving her a dirty look, Charlotte ran away. Annabelle shrugged. “I tried,” she said.

Annabelle walked into her father’s organized office when she got home. She had a homework question for him. A note on his desk said he was lending something to Annabelle’s neighbor. She also noticed a magazine on his desk that said Go Green. Homework can wait, Annabelle thought. Maybe Sophie the superhero goes green! Annabelle scribbled a note saying she was in the woods.

In the woods, Annabelle saw a man cutting down a tree. Trees were good for the environment. She jumped on him to keep him from cutting down the tree, and then she fell on the hard ground. She realized what she did was extremely dangerous. Annabelle walked farther in the woods, where she found Charlotte picking up litter.

“You won, Charlotte,” Annabelle said, sadly. “You are the second grade’s hero.”

Charlotte stared at Annabelle. “I’m picking up litter to make the earth a better place,” she said. “I don’t care about being famous.”

Annabelle knelt down to help Charlotte. She felt slightly ashamed of herself. From now on, she wouldn’t go green to be recognized. She would do it simply to be a good citizen. Annabelle couldn’t help seeing Charlotte as a hero though. She decided that real heroes help other people see the light, and Charlotte had changed her life forever!

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  1. Kam Schiller /

    I. Love. It. I’m ten too, but I’m almost eleven. Three cheers for Allison!!