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Picture Perfect Health (17 Years Old)

By Kelsey Haley, age 16, North Carolina

“Eww…what is in that smoothie?” Lisa pointed at my glass of green-brown liquid and wrinkled her nose. “Did you make it green using kiwi or something?”

I inwardly sighed, knowing that no matter how many times I explained what was in the foods I ate or how good they were for you, my family would always reject them.

“No, it has berries and plain yogurt and…spinach in it,” I said the last part hesitantly because I knew what was going to come…

“Yuck! How can you drink that mess?” my older sister cried, feigning a gagging motion.

I responded by picking up the glass, taking a huge gulp, and giving Lisa a smug look. Shuddering, Lisa turned her head away so she wouldn’t have to watch me drink.

“Hey, at least the food I eat is healthy for me, unlike yours. How can you sit there and eat your donut without feeling guilty at all?” I pointed at her rumpled Dunkin Donuts wrapper lying on the table in front of her.

“Well, I eat what I enjoy. I don’t see how you can stand there and drink that disgusting smoothie,” Lisa looked at me with her eyebrows raised, and her eyes seemed to pierce into mine, wanting me to explain why on earth would I consume this smoothie. Not wanting to answer, I replied by chugging the drink even faster. She made a face and twisted the other way in her chair.

What’s wrong with eating what you enjoy? a voice somewhere inside of me inquired. I tipped the glass downward slowly as I realized with every swallow how disgusting the drink truly was. Trying to keep myself from throwing up, I pinched my lips together firmly.

Maybe I put too much spinach in this batch. That’s got to be it, I thought, trying to assure myself. Well…come to think of it, I can’t remember a time I actually enjoyed this concoction. I mean, I don’t even like plain yogurt by itself. What makes me think it would taste better blended up with spinach? But…it’s got loads of calcium in it, and spinach has always been good for you. I can’t let Lisa know this is really nasty.

Putting the glass to my lips, I turned it upward and managed to quickly swallow the rest of it.

“Ahhh…tasty,” I set the cup on the table firmly, causing Lisa to jump and turn around.

When I stole a glance at Lisa, I noticed that she was attempting to hide a smile behind her manicured nails.

“What?” I questioned, putting my hands on my hips.

“Hehe…ohh, nothing,” she waved her hands and took me by the arm to the front door. “Better get to school on time. You don’t wanna be late for your senior pictures.”

With that, Lisa gave me a giant smile, a peck on the cheek, and a shove out the door.

“What’s her problem?” I muttered to myself as I trudged down the porch steps. A thought hit me, and I stopped in tracks. Could I have something in my- no. It can’t be.


“Okay…and…1, 2, 3. Cheese!”

A light flashed, causing me momentary blindness, and I could barely see the photographer dramatically motioning for me to get up.

I’m going, sheesh, I thought to myself as I stood and tried to walk. Could you be any more rude?

Even when I first sat down, he wouldn’t tell me how to pose and barely glanced at me at all. I know we’re pressed for time, but you could at least try to help make our pictures look nice. As I walked toward the line of students, I noticed several were snickering and pointing at me. One kid, Joey, was making gestures toward his mouth. My eyes grew as I started to realize what was so funny.

“Oh no,” I whispered and ran back to the photographer. Surely, he would redo my picture for me. I mean, this is an emergency. This is a catastrophe. I’ll be laughed at for the rest of my…

“No,” he replied callously, not even caring to glance over at me.


“I said, ‘No’,” the man continued taking a picture of a student.

My shoulders slumped, and I dejectedly walked back toward the line of students and out the auditorium door.


3 months later…

Mom held the picture envelope in her hand and cried out fearfully, “Jess, is that spinach in your teeth?!” Oops…

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