Amazing Kids! Magazine


Maddie Bernard, Age 12, Minnesota


I stretch my legs out
Hoping the pain doesn’t show
But wanting it to all the same
I feel like speeding up.
I feel like slowing down.
My brain is exploding
With an extreme sense of pain
I want to cross the finish line
To be done with this race but
It must be miles away still
Since I just crossed
The three mile mark.
How many miles is
A 5K?
What? Three and
A tiny bit more?
I guess that means I’m
Almost there!
Is that the finish line now?
That’s going to be easy!
Now it’ll be easier!
Wait–now I’m almost there.
I want to cherish this moment.
I’m not ready for the race to
Be done yet. I don’t care If I’m sweaty or tired.
I feel amazing! How
can this race be over?
A lady in a shirt with
The race name on it hands
Me a cold water bottle and I
Look at her. I look at my
Legs. I’m not moving anymore.
I sigh, glad that the race is over,
But disappointed at the same time

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