Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Cosmic Nap

By Aidan Sheeran-Hahnel, grade 8


A night so bright the moon takes flight
As light engulfs her rim
She glides through sky trailing black behind
Her face determined yet grim

Ahead on her path, a ball of burning gas
Patiently waits for her famous pass
The sun knows she’s started, their outlines have met
Soon to be simply a bright silhouette
The spotlight is on moon, she’s stepped up to the stage
Prepared by years of rehearsal acquired through age

A sliver, a morsel, now a chunk of the sun
The giant’s transformation is so close to done
Before closing his eyes, sun takes one last look about
He sees a dark sky, shadow cast upon ground
Stars hanging in space, yet people still milling around
He’s shown the night world but with added benefits, too
Sun gets the moon’s view but before humans’ curfew

Satisfied with the sight, he starts drooping his eyes
He says see you to the moon, and to the stars, goodbye
A short nap he will have, but a good one it shall be
For the next break he gets will be in 2019!
So as the U.S. watches, sun prepares for sweet dreams
Is it over already? Too short it did seem