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A Little Bit of Effort

by Tanmaya Murthy, LOL Editor

A little bit of effort can make a huge difference.

Can help you get A’s rather than B’s for instance.

May even transform a warehouse into a mansion,

All it takes is focus and proper action.

A little bit of effort can show you a well defined path which will

Be the road to success,

And can leave you with joy and luxuries in excess.

It will gradually reduce the long distances from kilometers to meters,

A little bit of effort may make many of you emerge as inspiring leaders.

We should always strive for more,

We should dream out as loud and firm as the lion’s roar.

A little bit of effort will surely help us to achieve our desired goals,

For this we need not be perfect,

We all have shortfalls or loopholes.

A little bit of effort can change obstacles into stepping stones,

And will highlight all the important Do’s and Don’ts.

A little bit of effort adds a charm to our personality.

And if we all take initiatives from,

I am sure for good human beings there won’t be a scarcity.


  1. I couldn’t agree more…an inspiring poem

  2. Aishwarya Nair /

    Totally love this poem !!!!
    Congratulations to the writer………