Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Lovely Night

By Anirban Chakravarty, age 13, India


He gazed into the sky,
Looking at the stars and moon,
And he couldn’t fathom why
He couldn’t reach the stars soon.

He stared in wonder
At the beautiful heavens,
Admiring the grace of those radiant objects
Stacked up in yonder.

He loved the way
The moon glowed brightly,
Never visible during the day,
Never, ever losing its grandeur,
Never, ever hiding its magnificence slightly.

“Come here,” called out a lady.
He turned around to answer his mom,
But he wasn’t ready
For the moment of parting.
He endeavored to stay there,
But he knew he had to depart.
He had a one last look,
And then he had to start
For the way to home,
But he longed to come back
To the beautiful place again when it would be black.