Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Satisfying Summer

By Sarina Patel, Age 10, Florida


Plump fish rocket out of the sapphire, crystalline waves,
Splashing and sloshing on the golden-brown, soft sand.
Rickety wooden piers are engulfed with children,
All gleefully scrambling around.
Emerald fields are spiked with fragrant blossoms,
And the brilliant sun is scorching the sweltering Earth.
Foamy, teal waves are launched out of the pool,
Packed with chatting people.
The Sun’s powerful waves of heat are targeting every dandy person.
With heads of merriment and enjoyable occupations,
Summer is bursting with both wit and charm.
Both an excellent duo,
That help people exceed their expectations,
Of a pedagogue summer afternoon.
Everyone happily drinks in the jaunty punch of seasonal freedom.
Summer- irresistible and zesty,
Brimming with tantalizing possibilities and offers,
Of exploring the world and it’s many abundant, captivating treasures.
Such a sumptuous, satisfying time of the year.