Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Spider

By Emily Cheung, Age 13, California


I can’t lie and say I know what you are,
Who you are, I mean-
But I can understand how you feel.
They push you and tell you what to make,
Who to be, what to do,
And you spin tangled diamonds-
No, squares.
No, triangles.
No, rectangles.
No, circles.
No, all the crazy colors and sun-woven
Shapes of the world
Is what you spin.
They push you to create these beautiful
Lies of danger and enticement.
And seduction.
Your instincts of desolate hunger and
Wild feeding.
I don’t quite know yet-
I’ll figure it out sooner or later-
Whether you feel any remorse and guilt
For killing as I stare at you in your cell.
For I find myself,
As I lay back on the warm leather couch,
Talking to a spider.