Amazing Kids! Magazine

Abode of Bliss

By Shreya Singhal, 17, India


Walking through the crowd
Utterly oblivious,
The world appears to be a maze,
Feeling enervated,
Mind entangled, heart ablaze.

Is this what is supposed to be?
Is love collapsing when its presence needs to be?

“Yes!” the mind says.
“Can’t you see compassion decline?
Or enmity and war seem way too fine!
Trust is merely a word;
In this practical world, values seem absurd.
Oh! How do we even live in a place so abysmal?
There seems to be no way but a miracle.”

“Pity! The mind believes what see the eyes,”
The heart sighs.

“Just behold how a newborn is
Curled in the hands of a loving mother.
Just listen to the soft prayers said
By a loving soul for everyone with a bowed head.
Just feel the caressing touch of a grandmother,
Which has serenity like no other.

“Is this not love?

“Every mother guiding her child right,
Every selfless deed done,
Every little step taken to rise,
Every soul radiating happiness

“Is a token, telling
The world is still an…
Abode of Bliss.”