Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Hannah Roemer-Block, age 10, Pennsylvania


Sitting on the kitchen table
Binding still stiff
Brand-new, open it
I’m brought to a different
Time, place, world

A book
A journey through space
Tossing you
Turning you
Making me shiver
Making me laugh

So I open it up
And go on a journey
Through time and space
So when I finish
There will always
Be a new one


  1. Auntie Jo /

    I love your poem Hannah. I am going to go read a book right now! Xo

  2. Grandpa /

    Hannah, you have the ability to touch people’s hearts with your words.

  3. Ellen stone /

    Fantastic. I could feel how it is to read a book!

  4. Dear Hannah,

    The other night at dinner, when you read your SCARY, SCARY story, I saw that you have something very, very special. Really two things that are very, very special.
    You have an artist’s skill at writing, putting together words in a unique and surprising way to create a picture. Not a photograph of reality, but an artist’s painting of intrepreting reality.
    And secondly, and most amazingly, you have a way of seeing things in a way that is very different from the ‘ordinary’ and literal way that most people see things.
    So, dear Hannah, my one request from Pops. Keep on doing what you are doing. Don’t ever lose this
    very special talent. Be proud and get better and better.
    Love, Pops

  5. Angela /

    I am right there with you Hannah!!

  6. Jessie Bonn /

    This poem reminds me how much I love the anticipation of a new book maybe even as much as I love to read. I can imagine you and that book sitting and staring at each other. Which is more excited? Thanks for sharing this poem – I was transported to your kitchen table, and you were transported to mine!

  7. Janine /

    Great poem! I like how you repeat and build: time, place, world > a journey through space > journey through time and space.