Amazing Kids! Magazine

After Falling Asleep in Math Class

By Stephanie Guo, Age 15, California


After falling asleep in math class
the equation sings,
and every step along the way
is a net
thrown into the ocean

for fish. only one fulfills x,
but they all come up
gasping, scales bright beneath the sun,
eyes swiveling frantically.

the fisherman pulls them up,
one by one, and examines them.
none but one fit
the equation.

the fish is small. He never
would have never noticed it
if not for the equation. But
as he turns it over in his callused palms,
he notices the immaculate scales,
the mother-of-pearl.

at night, he rounds
the slope on the way home
and thinks about
returning his catch
to the sea.

his p-f-b-t pickup
makes a u-turn.