Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Richard Tiutiun, Age 15, Ukraine


It’s not fair
that I must be wherever I’m needed.
I have no freedom or private life,
no will.
I can’t steer – I can only be steered.
I am invisible, well most of me at least.
But I can stare at anything.
At the beauty of life and all its insides.
I carry its waves,
and enjoy watching my child
being cherished and played with
by my customers.
Oh my nasty customers!
All they do is pollute me,
yet I don’t suffer heartbreak.
I have no emotion, remember?
I do not eat or sleep,
I am eternal,
I flow like the Nile,
and provide silt for the lungs
of all that demand it.
I am the quilt that keeps them warm,
and without me
they could never snooze or snore.
But I believe in karma,
and I’ll be sure to get payback someday.