Amazing Kids! Magazine

An Awesome Autumn Day

Sarina Patel, Age 10, Florida


The summer leaves turn hues of brilliance,
Rich maroons and elaborate golds.
Fading from stagnant to colorful.
Old, tired tree trunks creaking wearily,
Their gnarled branches outstretched.
The crisp, cool wind whistles past the trunk,
Slapping awake every somniferous leaf,
With its magnificent breeze.
The leaves whirl and twirl gracefully onto the ground.
Creating a flurry of illustrious leaves.
Shining an appealing light onto the many wonders of fall.
Smoke sizzling out of chimneys in coiffed, gray spirals,
Swirling majestically in the air,
Lined with the scent of sweet pumpkins.
And with the joviality of autumn.
Such a marvelous time of the year.