Amazing Kids! Magazine

An Infinite Kingdom

By Emily Cheung, Contributing Writer


I glance up, sweat beading my forehead and
trickling into my eyes.
Shimmering light dapples the thick
canopy of leaves and branches and pools
on the ground below.
I scramble onto a large rock, panting heavily,
and puff out my chest and stand akimbo.
I feel like a royal queen, surveying my
majestic kingdom.

The sun peeks out tentatively behind the horizon,
its rosy fingers stretching to grip the cloudless sky.
Fluffy snow, white as a lamb’s fleece, blankets the rocky
face of the bank.
A crisp pine smell pervades the air, sticky sweet sap oozing from
moss green pine needles, shifting under the
padded paws of a furtive crimson fox.
I inhale sharply, savoring the natural
sweet freshness of the mountain air,
then turn to the right,
where I can hear the loud,
heavy noise of wings beating
through the air.

Swans soar through the morning
sunshine, bobbing up and down.
Wings curled downwards, then pumping
upwards, each lithe movement propelling
the plump downy body forward.
Feathers splayed apart, caressing the fog and
catching the gentle breeze, glistening ivory against
the pale sunlight.
Bobbing heads tilted, obsidian eyes glinting
in the orange light, beaks slicing through the foggy air.
Elongated necks slightly quivering with every down stroke,
throaty squawking reverberating against the muffled
sigh of the wind twisting through the forest.
As they glide past, I reach out, as if to stroke their
glimmering feathers, eyes widening in awe.

The majestic rushing waterfall leaps and
pours down in great torrents,
mist rising off of its banks like a rolling fur,
its spray glittering against the vivid background.
The early hues of the morning
are caught within thick churning bubbles and foam,
glistening with each ebb and swell of the crests.

I throw my arms out as if to embrace it all,
feeling the wind gently toss my hair back,
tilting my head backwards and turning
my face up to the sun, soaking in the
dazzling rays.
In this vast, infinite moment,
I am one with my kingdom.