Amazing Kids! Magazine

Autumn in Kyoto

By Alexis Miu Ching YAU, age 12


A cool breeze flows through the nanakamado trees,
Whistling through the crooked branches.
Deep coral and golden yellow leaves,
Tumbling from the trees’ arms, preparing for winter.
Whirling and twirling,
Landing softly on the glowing white hair of an elderly monk.
His eyes dimming, back as crooked as the branches.

Walking through the forest,
The crunch of dried-up leaves under his sandals,
The fresh breath of the wind brushes against his wizened face.
The sounds of nature surround him,
Bullfinches and woodpeckers gently singing their songs.

Looking down from the summit of the hill,
He sees a sea of apricot, ginger, and tangerine colors flow.
Shimmering in the sun,
A clear stream slowly glides over the rocks,
On the verge of freezing.
He moves, stiffly.

The once flourishing trees
Slowly turn dry.
Leaves fleeing from the branches,
Toppling onto his canary yellow robe
Slipping onto the ground.

The once bright amber trees,
Stripped of their beauty.
Winter is coming,
Autumn is nearing an end.
He sits beneath the trees,
Memories flooding through his mind.

Winter comes,
Pure white snow falls,
Cloaking the tombstone of the monk
Cloaking the autumn trees.