Amazing Kids! Magazine

Autumn on Twenty-Second Street

By Michelle Goff, Age 17, Idaho


Like a candle flame leaping into new life
Amidst the gangly arms of tall shady trees
The autumn scent soars into the air
Dog barks tear through the silent sky
And car tires whistle a haunting melody
As leaves go by

Should you choose to venture upon this road
Where leaves bury secrets in shrouds of decay
Where dead things come to life again
You will find in your heart a warm embrace
When skeletal arms of trees wave at you
And branches carpet the misty ground

As autumn closes its heavy door
And snow cradles the fallen leaves in its gentle arms
While hushed whispers tell tales
About the beauty of this place
The magic of the seasons works covertly
Preparing for visitors next fall

Just a simple street, a simple town
Unassuming throughout the year
Till autumn haunts the misty mornings
And pumpkin spice candles flicker in windows
Tis that time, so close to death
When the trees truly come alive