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Baby Brother

By Denise Gutierrez, 15, California


The first glimpse of my baby brother:
As I walked closer, his dark brown eyes met mine.
The time froze; I knew there was not going to be another.
When the moon was awake
With my baby brother sound asleep,
I began to hear a little streak.
As time went by,
He began to be my little apple pie.

Our minds became one.
We found joy underneath the setting sun.
A trip to the pond was always the best,
Always forgetting about the rest.
Ducklings brought much joy to our day,
Always wishing for more time to stay.
When it was time to go, we always knew
We would come back one day.

As we have grown older through thick and thin,
By my side he has always been.
Our childhood bond never faded away;
He is my best friend, I could say.
My baby brother was always there;
Without him I cannot bear.

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  1. lucy smith /

    I love this poem it is super cute.