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By Manasvini Suresh, age 12, India


Up on toes, down on heels,

An arabesque! How nice it feels!

Flowing tutu, stockings white,

Oh! I feel so airy and light!


I love to perform such a beautiful art,

Whoever discovered ballet was really smart!

Swan Lake, Nutcracker and so much more,

Ballet is never a bore!


Now we say “Thank You!” and bow,

That’s all now,

That’s the

End of the show!


  1. Prateesha Suresh /

    Little ballerina when do I see you on stage?

  2. Juliet /

    A beautiful poem! So beautifully written! Love it! Keep it up Manasvini! You write amazingly well! and i love AK! <3<3
    Juliet <3 🙂