Amazing Kids! Magazine

Believe in Yourself

By Jocelyn Loera, age 16, California


“How can I succeed in life?”
I ask myself every day.
“Do I need to be popular?
Or maybe famous?
Do I need money?
Do I need anything?
What is the key to success?
How can I do it?”
Remember, in reality there is only one essential thing you need.

Believe in yourself
No matter the choices you make.
Whether they are hard or easy,
All that matters is the journey you take.
Try for everything you desire;
Soar through the sky and above the clouds.
That is the way you will get higher.

You must always believe in yourself.
It is the way you will succeed in life.
Never give up,
And always maintain a positive attitude
Alongside an open mind.
Remember, in reality there is only one essential thing you need.

Always set your standards high.
Never let others tell you that you cannot do it.
Prove them wrong; show them your wings and that you can fly.
There will be those who will only judge you,
And that should only motivate you to never quit.
In the end, the path that matters is from your shoes and point of view.

Believe in yourself,
And remember, it is not wrong to stumble and fall
As long as you don’t forget to pick yourself up.
The most important thing is what you learn along the way.
Have patience, desire, dedication, and it is guaranteed you will strive through the days.

Always do your best;
You deserve the greatest,
And never settle for less.
Believe in yourself!